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Led Zeppelin knew it. The Ramones knew it. Guns n' Roses knew it.

And Ohio band THE FAVORS know it too.
Plug a Michigan-made Les Paul into a British-made Marshall, turn the knobs up to 10, and good things are bound to happen.

The Favors play rock and roll that is dirty, dangerous, sultry and addictive. The muisc is rooted in the days of old bluesy riffs with punk rock attitude that comes straight out of a bottle of booze and fits right in with any bar room brawl or cat fight.


Women can be proud to strut in skimpy shirts and leather pants, and guys won't be ashamed to throw the horns in the air and head-bang at a Favors concert.Need an image? Think: Sunset Strip on High Street.

Charismatic front man Shannon Malone controls the stage like a muscular Scott Weiland,while vocally invoking moments of Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks - and simultaneously wearing his addictions on his tattooed sleeve.

His persona is sex, drugs and rock and roll.

J.D. Dallas' aggressive barre chords scream British steel as he beats down on his Les Paul, riffing along with fellow guitarist Ken Didion.

Drummer Matt Cross and bassist Stevie P lock like Dee Dee and Tommy. I'm out of cliches, but damn the chemistry is right with this group.

The Favors are busy putting the finishing touches on their resurrected stage show for an onslaught this Fall. See what it looks and sounds like over at www.the-favors.com.

If Rock is your taste, the Favors are your flavor.

- Columbus Monthly Magazine



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