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The Favors EP - Break Up! Records - $5.99

Track List

  1. One Foot In the Grave
  2. She's Insane
  3. Goin' Under
  4. Leave L.A.
  5. G.T.O


"...when these fellas wanna rock, they fucking ROCK! “One Foot In The Grave” is the kind of timeless rock anthem you rarely hear any more.

With its bone-jarring riffs, head-bobbing back-beat, full-on sleazy vocals, thunderous drum action, and screaming lead guitar lines a la “Breaking The Law”, it sounds like the sort of tune you and your degenerate buddies would be cranking full-blast in the car at 2:00 AM, while you were parked in front of the mini-mart---shirtless, fucked-up, and guzzling wine coolers like there was no tomorrow. Rock n' roll, dude!!!

All in all, this CD is certifiably killer. I dare you motherfuckers to tell me that “She’s Insane” isn't the greatest rock n’ roll song of the year. I DARE ya! - Josh Rutledge





Long Live the Nubiles - BushLeague Records - $10.99

Track List

  1. Shaker Queen
  2. Blackheart
  3. Penicillin
  4. American Tragedy
  5. Dirtbag
  6. Balance
  7. Backdoor Gril
  8. Psychotic Girls
  9. Spinout
  10. Supersonic Cheerleaders
  11. Rock Slut


"....If you worship Hanoi Rocks, dig Buckcherry, appreciate the musical genius of Faster Pussycat, or own a copy of the Jesse Camp & The 8th Street Kidz CD, you’re likely to “get” The Favors. The band’s new  CD blasts off with the Guns N’ Roses-meets Dead Boys rawk power of early D Generation but winds up showing off a nifty pop sensibility that’s apparent in their more hooky tunes. And it’s the latter quality that ultimately distinguishes The Favors from the rest of today’s ass-kicking, power riffing, cucumber-in-the-pants-stuffing neo-hard rock outfits".


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