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Written by R. Valentine   

"A band called The Favors were headlining.

I’d heard enough about the band to spark my interest. All four members of The Favors had played in various well known rock bands in Columbus over the years, and it sounded like a great combination of musicians. The guitarist from The

Kingrods, the singer from Throat, the drummer from 13 o’clock, and the bassist once played with Ronald Koal.


The Favors were next. Let me start off by saying that I’ve seen a lot of Columbus rock bands over the years. I think the best local band that I ever saw was the original line up (Moore, Chatfield, Cataline, Hill) of The Godz. I don’t know if anyone will ever top them, but goddamn, The Favors kicked my ass!I really don’t know what else to say, but….Holy Shit!


These guys have it all. In my opinion, one of the best Ohio bands I’ve seen in years. The only problem that can happen with some of these “all-star” local bands (such as Bob City ), is that they sometimes get side tracked with other projects, and then fall apart after a year or so. I really hope that this doesn’t happen with The Favors.

Their music itself has a little of everything. It’s metal, punk, pop, rock, all rolled up and spit back in your face like a cannon ball. On stage they are everything a Rock n’ Roll band should be. They have the charisma of that of Rolling Stones. Mean enough for the guys and eye candy, for the girls.

If you haven’t yet seen The Favors yet, by all means, get your ass to their next show."

-- Rocket Valentine, The Moo Review

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