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Saturday, 23 July 2011 17:55

The Favors
Uh, hey guys, Faster Pussycat called. They want to know if you’ll ghostwrite their next album.

Holy cock rock, if you dig ‘80s L.A. guttersleaze, The Favors will rock your leather-pants covered ass with their retro sound. While I pray to God (or Axl Rose in my case) that the members of The Favors openly embrace the bands in the Hit Parader Hall of Fame, my guess is that they are more likely to claim the New York Dolls, T-Rex, the Sex Pistols and David Bowie as influences (you know, the predecessors to Sunset Strip poofy haired glam metal) and, if that’s the case, it’s a shame.

All of the members of this band look familiar and have familiar names (Shannon Malone, JD Dallas, Steve Patrick, Larz Raymond) though I’m not quite sure where I’ve seen them before (somebody help me out – was Shannon in a band called Throat around ’92?). They definitely don’t look the way the bands looked in Circus magazine back in ’90 – no long hair though they do wear reasonable amounts of leather and have tattoos and earrings (bonus points fellas, bonus points).

In addition to the revved up, pull out your pistols and fire, rockers on this EP, The Favors break things up midway through with a Faster Pussycat-sounding slower-tempo number, “Goin’ Under,” that isn’t slow enough or cheesy enough to be considered a power ballad, but definitely is a 35 mph school zone on an otherwise 65 mph highway. I

f you’re a closet metalhead (or are out of the closet like me), you’ve got to check out The Favors (and, while you’re at it, The Honey’s too) … it’s like 1990 all over again but with new tunes that you haven’t heard before.

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