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Saturday, 23 July 2011 18:05

The Favors
self-titled CD EP
(Break Up! Records)
(REVIEW BY MARK HUGHSON - New Zoo Review 'Zine)

Move over, Mooney Suzuki. Here comes something meatier! I cut my teeth on an earlier wave of “rock’n’roll saviors”, so when the lead off track, “One Foot In The Grave” started vibrating the paint off my bedroom walls, I thought, “Cool, it sounds like the Hellacopters.” I think that’s a fitting description (except this band is from the good ol’ USA and not good ol’ Sweden or something like that), but the Favors most likely favor the raw power of the Stooges and the kick ass jams of the MC5.

Even when the tempo slows down, the hooks carry most of the weight, and thus the band is able to stride through both flat-out rockers and Media Whore-like punky poppers.

Billy Joel really must have been on to something…there are lots of different kinds of rock and roll. But whether it comes from the garage (hello, Hives) or the arena (howdy Cheap Trick), you’ve still really only have two choices:

1) Heinously wanky, posture filled blah-rock
2) Stripped down but full sounding, no bullshit, go all out every time ROCK

This band has opted for # 2. It’s a solid, authentic piece of real rock’n’roll. It’s been said before, and I apologize if this is one time too many, but my only complaint is that I only get to hear 5 songs! You can tell with this sampling that the band is not some off shoot side project (although the term super-group would be accurate) with a one hit wonder or some crappy over-used shtick.

They are most likely here to attack you non-stop with every conceivable idea about what it is to really rock out in 2003. Do yourself a Favor and acquire this release immediately! --Mark Hughson

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